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At Coffee Veterinary Hospital, we provide clean and secure, climate controlled, indoor boarding facilities that accommodate dogs, cats and exotics.


Dr. Bruner and Dr. Hoover at Coffee Veterinary Hospital have decades of experience treating and caring for exotic animals and educating their owners about their special requirements.

In-Clinic Diagnostics

Coffee Veterinary Hospital provides in-depth, on-site diagnostic testing with same day results that enable our doctors to determine your pet’s overall health condition and get to the root of your pet’s problem.

Laser Therapy

Coffee Veterinary Hospital now offers laser therapy, an innovative, painless, drug-free treatment that reduces pain and promotes healing for pets that have wounds, surgical incisions, burns, snake bites, and more.

Welcome to Coffee Veterinary Hospital



Coffee Veterinary Hospital is a family owned, small animal hospital that offers a complete array of health services to companion and exotic pets in Manchester, Tennessee and the nearby communities of Tullahoma, McMinnville, Shelbyville, and Wartrace.

Our hospital features a wide range of wellness services, medical, and surgical procedures that include dental care, vaccinations, boarding and bathing, nutritional counseling, in-clinic diagnostics, laser therapy, radiography, microchipping, dermatology, pharmacy, laser surgery, spays, neuters, euthansia, and more.

Our veterinarians, Dr. Bruner and Dr. Hoover, have gained extensive knowledge through decades of providing wellness care, surgery, critical care and emergency services to dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, snakes, iguanas, ferrets and other exotic pets excluding monkeys and venomous snakes.

At Coffee Veterinary Hospital we want to help you become the best pet parents that you can be. Having birds, reptiles, or other exotics as a pet is a different experience from raising dogs and cats since their habitats and nutritional needs are unique. No matter which type of companion you have adopted into your home, we can supply the health care services and information that you need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best health care for your animals while educating you, as their owner, on how to better care for them.

Who We Are

The doctors and staff at Coffee Veterinary Hospital would love to get to know you and your pets and welcome you to our family of caregivers. We are dedicated to serving the pet community because we love animals of all shapes and sizes, whether they are furry, scaly, or feathered.

At Coffee Veterinary Hospital, you and your pet are our top priority. At every visit, for every client, we take the time to listen to what you have to say about your pet. Using our years of experience and, when necessary, our in-depth diagnostics capabilities, we will provide you with the best options for treatment so that you can make an educated decision about your pet’s care. Our goal is to help you keep your pets healthy and feeling their best throughout their lifetime.

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